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Amana® brand heat pumps provide both cooling and heating comfort from a single system. You’ll be able to select the perfect system for your home as the Amana brand offers a full line of heat pump systems. Plus you’ll get even more comfort from what many consider to be the best warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry. For the greatest energy efficiency savings, select a heat pump system with the highest SEER and HSPF ratings.

The Amana Brand

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Why Choose Amana?

The AMANA® brand – An American Tradition

As the innovative manufacturer behind the world’s first walk-in cooler and the Radarange microwave oven, the Amana brand has long been an American institution. And the same commitment to quality and innovation behind Amana brand home appliances goes into Amana brand heating and air conditioning equipment. In fact, the Amana brand is the standard-bearer for gas furnaces in the HVAC industry, thanks to its proprietary MillionAir® heat exchanger and Suret™ igniter. And when the temperature heats up outdoors, Amana brand comfort systems are ready with a high-quality line of air conditioners and heat pumps that are among the most energy-efficient in the marketplace. Add to these high-quality products some of the industry’s best warranties and you’ll know why the Amana brand has stood for innovation and dependability for almost a century.

Reliability and Performance You Can Trust

With the Amana brand reliable, long-lasting product performance is our top priority. We achieve that goal through superior craftsmanship and world-class manufacturing processes, which help ensure that Amana brand products are the best they can be. To meet our high standards, our products go through even tougher quality assurance scrutiny than the industry requires. Our engineers are constantly improving each Amana brand product by incorporating the very latest in technology, design and efficiency.

Find Comfort in the Enduring Strength of Amana

With Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranties on the heat exchangers in all Amana brand gas furnaces and the compressors in many Amana brand air conditioners and heat pumps, you can be assured of our products’ long-lasting performance. For further peace of mind, we offer an extended service protection plan called Asure to provide you with value-added labor and parts coverage.

Amana Heat Pump Performance Features:

1. Compressor

All Amana® brand high-efficiency units feature scroll compressors offering lower sound ratings compared to reciprocating compressors. Scroll compressors also contain up to 70% fewer moving parts. Amana brand energy-efficient models use a mix of scroll and reciprocating compressors optimized for the application.

2. Filter Drier

A factory-installed filter drier traps moisture and other contaminants in the liquid refrigerant that could be detrimental to the function and longevity of the heat pump. It is a standard feature on all Amana brand products

3. Crankcase Heater

The factory-installed crankcase heater is wrapped around the base of the compressor and provides multiple functions. When the heat pump is shut down in colder ambient conditions, the crankcase heater reduces liquid refrigerant migration in the compressor shell by keeping the refrigerant at a temperature higher than the coldest part of the refrigerant system. System oil will generally migrate to the warmest part of the refrigerant system. By keeping the compressor warm the crankcase heater helps to keep oil in the compressor where it is needed. Not only does this protect the compressor but noise reduction is achieved by preventing liquid refrigerant accumulation in the compressor shell.

4. Accumulator

Designed to protect the heat pump compressor from the damage of liquid refrigerant flood-back conditions, an accumulator stores excess liquid refrigerant and only allows refrigerant vapor to enter the compressor. Basically, the accumulator acts as a storage vessel. By storing and converting outlet refrigerant to a vapor, the accumulator protects against long-term damage to the compressor commonly called ‘slugging’.

5. Discharge Muffler

Similar to the muffler on the exhaust system of a car, the discharge muffler on a heat pump reduces transient conditions that cause vibration affecting the operational noise of a heat pump. A discharge muffler also helps to minimize the pulsations occurring between the cooling and heating modes of a heat pump. Mufflers on Amana brand heat pumps have been up-sized to minimize noise caused by higher operating pressures associated with the R-410A refrigerant.

6. Low-Pressure Switch

When the refrigerant charge or pressure in a heat pump system is low, this switch activates and stops the operation of the heat pump to minimize potential damage to the compressor. A heat pump system that is low on refrigerant will not provide adequate heating or cooling. Further, low or loss of pressure can cause freezing of the condenser coil which drastically hinders the performance of a heat pump. This silent guard stands ready to operate only when needed to help protect the heat pump’s compressor from damage.

7. Compressor Sound Blanket

The sound blanket insulates against the normal operating sound of the compressor. But not all sound blankets are created equal. Unless it’s constructed of high-density, thick foam and other materials, it may not provide the same level of sound insulation.

8. SmartShift™ Defrost Transition Control

This feature helps to increase compressor reliability and reduces the noise level during heat pump systems defrost cycles. When outdoor temperatures fall below freezing and the heat pump is forced to initiate a defrost cycle, SmartShift simply turns off the compressor for 30 seconds allowing the system pressure to equalize and then restarts the compressor. This seamless operation is triggered automatically, eliminating unwanted noise caused by heat pump defrost changeover cycles.

9. R-410A Refrigerant

Since this refrigerant does not contain chlorine, it is considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to R-22 refrigerant. Introduced in 1995, R-410A has helped to increase the durability and reliability of compressors.